Queen of Dunbroch
//Independant Role play for Post-Movie Elinor. If you'd like to RP with a different verse [movie-verse, pre-movie verse, etc] let me know :D Track tag:queenelinorofdunbroch. Will RP with anyone :D FC: Michelle Fairley//


Merida’s Regret

And you’re a beast! That’s what you are! I’ll never be like you, I’d rather die than be like you!

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If You’re Willing to do Horror Threads, Reblog This.


I need to know.

For science.


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Mum! You're back!
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Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Scotland

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Honestly, don’t be afraid to just show up in my inbox at random


I may not be the kind of RPer that does all my drafts everyday, but I do often check my inbox/messages.

So if your muse misses mine, don’t be afraid to show up with a random text message or mini-para or sentence or question or whatever. I promise I won’t get mad at you.

This also goes for anyone who wants to interact with my muse. Just throw something random in my inbox. Even if I don’t answer it for some reason, I’ll probably message you back.

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Once Upon A Scene - Brave Extras


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